Labour and employment law Work permits Business acquisitions and restructuring Preparation and review of employment contracts Bonus and participation models Dismissal termination of employment contracts Equality law Collective employment law Conflicts in the workplace Public service law Personnel regulations Staff leasing and recruitment Construction and planning law Building regulation and spatial planning law building permits
“Recht haben und Recht bekommen trennt ein kleines, aber entscheidendes Detail: das Wissen darüber.”
rezoning Construction law contracts Expropriation law Environmental protection law Rural land- and inheritance law Legal enforcement and foreclosure law Attachment proceedings Legal enforcement proceedings Debt collection proceedings Bankruptcy law Abatement law Bankruptcy trustee mandates Inheritance law Inheritance law claims Estate division Estate planning Wills and inheritance contracts Execution of wills Family law Marriage and inheritance contracts Matrimonial property disputes Child relation Liability and insurance law Enforcement of liability claims Coordination of claims between different service providers Private insurance law Product liability law Social security law Liability claims against the state and public institutions Representation in insurance disputes Intellectual property law Licence agreements Trademark law Naming rights and company name law Copyright law Mediation Conducting of mediation proceedings Examination of mediation settlements and agreements Rental and leasing law Contesting of terminations Termination of rental and lease agreements Conducting of conciliation proceedings on a mandate basis Assertion of warranty rights Public certifications and authentications Public certifications of public testamentary dispositions, inheritance and marriage contracts and company law documents Procedural law Criminal proceedings Administrative proceedings Civil proceedings Legal opinions Preparation and examination of legal opinions Property law Protection of possession Easements Neighbouring rights Liens Builders' liens Condominium ownership Housing rights and usufructs Tax law Property gains tax law VAT law Tax advice for private individuals Tax advice relating to business succession Tax advice relating to restructuring and refurbishment Criminal tax law Corporate tax law Foundation law Establishment of foundations Foundation board mandates Criminal law Criminal tax law Criminal defence Representation of plaintiffs Commercial criminal law Road traffic law Administrative measures Suspension of driving licences Accident-related claims Defence in criminal proceedings Company law General company law Settlement of companies Procurement and tenders Domiciliation services Enforcement of contractual claims Franchising, licensing, distribution and agency agreements Incorporation of companies Commercial register law Capital increases and reductions Claims arising from liability under company law Liquidations Restructuring Merger Demerger Conversion Transfer of assets Acquisitions Business succession Shareholder agreements Competition law Association law Drafting of statutes and regulations Contract law General contract law General terms and conditions Law governing mandates Loan agreements Contracts in relation to easements and liens Enforcement of contractual claims Franchising Leasing Factoring Purchase Right to purchase Pre-emption contract Rental Gift Drafting and review of contracts Contract law for works and services Distribution law Agency agreements Exclusive distribution Exclusive purchasing Dealer contracts Franchise agreements Supply contracts Cooperation agreements Directorships Administrative Law Procurement and tenders Data protection law Acquisition of real estate by foreigners Administrative procedures Competition and antitrust law Formulation of distribution and cooperation agreements Unfair use of third party services Unfair competition and selling methods
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